It’s not easy being Green

It’s not easy being Green

As Professor Jennings notes the Green share of the vote doesn’t attract as much comment as Reform but this could be important at the next election.

I am working on the assumption that the Scottish Greens will stand down in most Scottish constituencies as not to split the secessionist vote (in 2019 they stood in 22 out of 59 Scottish constituencies) but in England & Wales I expect the Greens to put up something similar to the 472 candidates they stood in 2019 so there will be plenty of opportunities to vote Green but will they vote Green at the election?

I think with the unpopularity of the Tories the Greens will get squeezed during the campaign which may well be suboptimal for the Tories. with Caroline Lucas standing down I do expect the Greens to win zero seats. Smarkets have odds on that. I am not sure I fancy tying up my money for that small a return.


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