Could Corbyn defect to Galloway’s party?

Could Corbyn defect to Galloway’s party?

One day back in Parliament and George Galloway is throwing a lot excrement at the Labour fan.

First there is the offer to Jeremy Corbyn to defect which may appeal to the enabler of a Tory majority but deep I think he is a Labour man at heart and despite his suspension it will be against his natural instinct to stand again Labour at the general election. I cannot see any betting markets on Corbyn to win a seat at the election.

More intriguing is Galloway plans to unseat Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner at the general election. I find it odd that somebody who describes themselves as a left winger is doing something that will only help the Tories. This sort of behaviour surely will put off Corbyn defecting as he would never ever want to help enable the Tories.

Sadly there are no constituency markets up yet but my instinct would be to back Rayner to hold her seat.


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