Bad news for backers of the second coming of Truss

Bad news for backers of the second coming of Truss

Just 1% of the electorate think Liz Truss was the best Tory Prime Minister since 2010, so this polling is further proof that the Truss comeback isn’t happening. If she tried to stand again for the Tory leadership again she’s going to get humiliated like a gimp at a BDSM party.

She’s completely in denial at the moment, it wasn’t the British Deep State that thwarted her plans, it was her plans being enacted that thwarted her which is why 1% which is a rounding error from being 0% think she was the best PM since 2010.

What really is illuminating is Boris Johnson might marginally win on gross positives he loses quite comfortably on net ratings, which is important in driving up tactical anti Tory voting, which contributed to the rout in 1997.

Unsurprisingly The Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton has the best net ratings, a positive score of 15%, which is why some Tory MPs want him to replace Sunak, but that isn’t happening.

But if you think Truss will be Tory leader at the general election you can get good odds by backing Yes in this market. If you don’t understand the betting exchanges, if you put £100 on Yes in this market you will lose £100.


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