Let’s party like it is 1979 all over again

Let’s party like it is 1979 all over again

Speaker Hoyle erred very badly yesterday and he has acknowledged that but the SNP and some Tories want the Speaker ousted now.

Using my expertise on Scottish affairs, which has allowed me to make me a profit on every Scottish election since 2007 onwards, I think if the SNP team up with the Tories and oust Speaker Hoyle it will play very badly in Scotland.

It will play even more badly if the ousting allows the Tories to select one of their own, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, to be Speaker a few months before the election that will see them likely turfed out. I also expect it will play badly for the Tories in Britain.

One only has took at the 1979 precedent when the SNP helped turf out the Labour government they were rewarded by Scottish voters a few weeks later by seeing their number of MPs reduced from eleven to just two.

I cannot see any next Speaker/Speaker exit markets but when I do I shall endeavour to do a thread on that.


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