I agree with David Gauke

I agree with David Gauke

The logic underpinning David Gauke’s argument is very persuasive, this part in particular.

Part of the right’s narrative after an election defeat will be, first, that the Tories leaked too many votes to Reform and, second, that the right’s best communicators were not employed in making the Tories’ case.

The solution will be obvious to the Tory right. Bring back Boris and bring in Nigel. Unite the right and have in place a team who can connect with ordinary people. It will be like 2019 all over again, except with Farage fully on board, not just offering a partial truce.

This is where Patel has the advantage. She is by far the best candidate to deliver on this strategy. Unlike Braverman, Jenrick and Badenoch, she stuck with Johnson until the end and he evidently likes her. As does Farage, at least judging by the pictures of them dancing together at the last Conservative Party conference.  

With some warm words from Farage and Johnson (“time to rally round the Pritster”), Patel could edge ahead of Braverman and Jenrick among MPs, pick up their votes and make it to the final two presented to the members.

If the Conservative Party suffers an emphatic election defeat, there might be existential doubts about its future. A breezy message that it would be possible to bring together the big beasts of populism together might be just what the modern Tory party membership wants to hear. Vote Patel, get Patel, Johnson and Farage.  

Another advantage Priti Patel has over Suella Braverman is that it is said that Suella Braverman is Priti Patel if you feed her after midnight. Normally Cambridge educated lawyers are really self aware but Braverman seems not to be aware of the ghastly caricature she has become, she is as popular as a stepmom in a fairytale which should helpful to Patel.

You can get 33/1 on Patel succeeding Sunak with William Hill and I think that is value.


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