It shouldn’t be long before WH2020 bets are settled

It shouldn’t be long before WH2020 bets are settled

Given the scale of betting activity on the American election quite a few punters have been in contact asking when bets are going to be settled.

The timing very much depends on the type of bet and those linked to the number of Electoral College Votes are going to have to wait until recounts, like the one for Georgia have been completed.

Bets linked to overall vote shares will be settled once all the counting has been complete and there are still a lot of votes waiting to be processed in California – the biggest state of all.

Quite a few of the less contentious state markets have been or are about to be settled. I see Betfair is just waiting for about six to be resolved.

With the big markets on the overall winner those who have bet on the exchanges are likely to have to wait longer than those who have outstanding bets with traditional bookies.

Things could change if Trump indicates in some way that he accepts the outcome. If, as seems likely, that doesn’t happen then the outcome of the Georgia recount outcome could well be the trigger.

Mike Smithson

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