Revealed – Trump’s plan to lose again at WH2024

Revealed – Trump’s plan to lose again at WH2024

The above Tweet from the usually reliable Axios suggests to me at least that Trump is working on a way to acknowledge the current outcome but come out of it with his head held high and his base fired up. His “concession” speech would actually be a declaration that he would be seeking the 2024 nomination.

It would also cement his place during the next four years as akin to what doesn’t exist in US politics – a sort of leader of the opposition.

There’d be a programme of rallies which are so important to him personally and give him the platform to attack the Biden administration and reinforce his position.

You could see the narrative that is already being created – that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him and 2024 was the way to put this right.

If this indeed is what he does and assuming Biden is not running again it is interesting to speculate on its impact on the Democrats. My guess is that Buttigieg would be the nominee.

Mike Smithson

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