The Labour race – the Monday round-up

The Labour race – the Monday round-up


The numbers attached to each of the contenders are from the main Labour party site which is producing regular updates. I think that they are a little bit behind on TU endorsements.

Candidate Best bookmaker price Betfair back Betfair lay
David Miliband 4/7 Betfred 1.61 1.62
Ed Miliband 5/2 Paddy Power 3.75 3.8
Ed Balls 14/1 Ladbrokes 15 16
Andy Burnham 33/1 Betfred 38 50
Diane Abbott 50/1 Ladbrokes 90 120

Links – Ladbrokes; PaddyPower

My main betting during the week has been on Ed Miliband following the article here by Henry G Manson. His strong argument was that while David Miliband will do well on the first preference voting count he looks set to be overtaken by EdM when the second/third/fourth preferences are re-allocated.

Mike Smithson

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