Suella the martyr (ruder nouns are available)

Suella the martyr (ruder nouns are available)

This intervention from Suella Braverman makes me think she knows she’s doomed in the Tory leadership contest and is look for a ‘Hail Mary’ moment like this or is looking for an excuse to be kicked out of the Tory party so she can look like a martyr and defect to Reform. Imagine getting triggered by a flag. Some Tories are already asking Sunak to expel Braverman for these comments.

One of the reasons why I don’t think being antiwoke will be a vote winner, the cheerleaders end up looking so extreme and deranged it will put off the voters. The way Suella Braverman is acting is like soiling yourself in public, it’ll give you a warm feeling but disgust everyone else.

It is almost like Suella Braverman is on a one woman mission to confirm the Tory party is the nasty party.


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