We’re going to need a bigger swingometer

We’re going to need a bigger swingometer

Why it could be worse than 1997 for the Tories

For me when it comes to general election the best pointers are the leader ratings and the economic ratings, I live by the mantras that it’s the economy, stupid and the leaders.

It’s not looking good for Sunak’s team and the above findings show why it could be much worse for the Tories. As we can see in 1997 Ken Clarke and the Tories were preferred to Labour on the economy yet Sunak doesn’t have a similar bulwark.

Last Saturday I had one of my regular lunches with long standing PBer JohnO and our worst case scenario for the Tories at the next election was around the 120 seat mark for the Tories, more polling like this and we might be very optimistic on the Tories.


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