A plea to the bookies

A plea to the bookies

Can we please have constituency markets and spreads for the general election?

We are potentially a few weeks away from a general election and as far as I can see there are no individual constituency markets so we cannot bet on the most intriguing seats like Didcot & Wantage.

There are also no seat spread betting opportunities which is where loins are girded and some of my biggest ever political wins have occured. I followed Mike Smithson in selling Tory seats at circa 400 seats in April 2017 and rejoiced when the Tories won only 317 seats at the election in June 2017.

These markets are what drives PB in the run up to an election and explains why I haven’t been able to do as many as articles on betting this year as I would have liked to do so.


PS – Having the spreads on the US electoral college votes won by Biden & Trump would also be splendid. Another fun market would be on how many of the MPs who present for GB News will keep their seats after the next election.

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