Were you up for Sunak?

Were you up for Sunak?

Whilst the focus on the MRP will be the size of the Labour majority/the Tory wipeout and Sunak at risk of losing his seat this is the second MRP this year showing the SNP overwhelmingly winning the majority of Scottish seats.

Polls should be smoked but not inhaled especially MRPs i have my doubts about the Reform figure and where their support will go if they don’t stand.

I cannot see Sunak’s seat going Labour, looking under the hood this MRP suggests ‘that the Conservatives are set to regain four seats lost in recent by-elections. These include Chesham and Amersham, where the Lib Dems now slip to third place behind Labour, Glastonbury and Somerton, Honiton and Sidmouth and Tamworth which sees my eyebrows raised so high they currently reside in Scotland.


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