Starmer needs to go on a crusade

Starmer needs to go on a crusade

Looking at these figures both Starmer and Sunak are seen as handling events in the Holy Land very badly. I suspect this is an artefact of seeing what looks like and feels like collective punishment being delivered on the Palestinians and driving sympathy towards the Palestinians.

Starmer should go on a crusade to reassure the voters that he is on their side on this issue but point out we no longer live in the Sykes-Picot era and what a UK Prime Minister can do in the Middle East is limited.

I have this hypothesis that part of the SNP recovery in Scotland is down to Starmer’s approach on Israel/Palestine, but that’s just a hunch.

For those worried about sectarianism spreading in the UK, it should be reassuring that it just isn’t Muslims being disappointed in Starmer and Sunak but a wide range of voters.


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