Careless Rishi

Careless Rishi

Sadly for Rishi Sunak perceptions around him are actively damaging for the Tory Party as this YouGov poll finds Rishi Sunak is seen as even less caring than the Conservative Party.

Let that sink in, Sunak is seen less caring than the nasty party and the Tory plans to make the general election campaign presidential and focussed on Sunak might be as useful as a condom with holes in both ends.

I am loathe to criticise people for making bets on politics but his £1,000 bet with Piers Morgan about the Rwanda policy just reinforces that he is an arrogant wealthy out of touch of elitist who has no understanding what really matters to the voters. I suspect these comments from Sunak a few years ago will get a lot of airing during the election campaign where he suggests he has no working class friends.

Coupled with his comment about trans people whilst the mother Brianna Ghey was at the House of Commons just reinforces he’s a bit nasty/incentive. I mean what sort of idiot gets into an argument with the parents of a murdered teenager?


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