Scottish independence hasn’t gone away you know

Scottish independence hasn’t gone away you know

“Devolution will kill [Scottish] nationalism stone dead” – George Robertson, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, 1995.

As bad political predictions go George Robertson’s prediction only has Sion Simon as a rival and I worry Labour are going to make the same mistake again.

The latest polling in the tweets above shows great news for Labour and Unionism following the absolute clown show from the SNP over the last year yet whilst trust in the SNP leaders and SNP seem to have damaged the SNP support for Scottish independence remains perilously close for Unionists.

Part of me thinks this indicates the SNP might do better at the general election than expected. Around 50% of Scots want to see Scotland become an independent country, what is the best way to achieve Scottish independence? Voting SNP seems the best way.

When we get seat markets/bands/spreads it might be profitable to be on the SNP surprising on the upside, even if the SNP have a bad general election, Scottish independence is here to stay.


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