I hope Nadine Dorries is right

I hope Nadine Dorries is right

This was a headline I never expected to write but we live in interesting but there is one constant in life, Nadine Dorries is usually wrong.

I cannot see the Tories (or Labour) ever having a leader from the Lords it is just so impractical, so I consider her suggestion as someone who has never reconciled herself with the fact that Boris Johnson was ousted by Boris Johnson but I can see why Nadine Dorries thinks the Tories may want the man who saw the best performance by a Tory leader of the opposition since the WWII to be back in charge (in terms of net gains.)

So my advice, lay Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton as Tory leader after the election (or Sunak’s successor before the election), as much as it pains me to say it, it ain’t happening.

I can see Sunak being ousted before the next election after the rebellion last night, I think we will see a High Noon moment on the third reading of the Rwanda bill so this betting market may interest you.


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