Where’s Willy?

Where’s Willy?

England’s senior teams qualifying for football world cup finals are rarer than a decent Radiohead album or Boris Johnson telling the truth so the Lionesses reaching today’s world cup final is a pretty special occasion which is why the country wants Prince William to be there in Sydney this morning.

The royals have erred in not sending somebody to Australia, you know the royals have screwed up badly when even the pro-monarchy Daily Mail criticises Prince William’s failure to attend. The President of the Football Association attending the world cup final would have attracted little or no criticism.

After the Lionesses won the Euros in 2022 somebody at the palace should have realised the possibility of England getting to the final this weekend. It is an avoidable mistake. Like Nadine Dorries, Prince William is abdicating his job, unlike Nadine Dorries, he was never elected and we do not have the ability to kick him out.

This is a huge story, as evidenced by the most read stories on the BBC website.

I think the reality is that in the next few years Australia will take back control from their unelected rulers and ditch the monarchy and so do the royals, especially as Prince William’s visit to the Caribbean last year was such a disaster that increased and accelerated more republics in the region, a visit to Australia would just be a redux of the Caribbean tour. Either way the monarchy is in trouble, particularly in Australia.

If the Lionesses do win today, this will be an even bigger disaster for the royals.


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