Is Nicola Sturgeon an agent of MI5?

Is Nicola Sturgeon an agent of MI5?

Yes, the headline is a shameless attempt to enter the QTWTAIN hall of fame/shame but it does raise an interesting point. MI5 are the best intelligence agency in the world, they have form for infiltrating organisations who wish break up and destroy the United Kingdom, famously with the IRA and prior to that the world changing Double-Cross system in World War II when every German agent in the UK was turned, so it would be no surprise if MI5 infiltrated the SNP in eyes of some SNP supporters not just former MSP Campbell Martin.

Last year has been greatly amusing for opponents of Scottish nationalism with the SNP donations saga which has led to several high profile arrests including that of Nicola Sturgeon and her husband but I feel that Scottish polling is often presented without a very important context.

SNP have been in power at Holyrood longer than the Tories have been in power of Westminster. At Westminster we can see what happens when party has been in power for over a decade their polling ends up in the toilet whilst their signature policy, in this instance, Brexit is seen as popular as receiving a prostate exam from Edward Scissorhands but in Scotland the SNP still leads in the polls for Holyrood & Westminster.

The SNP signature policy still leads in some polls and the poll leads for No aren’t insurmountable, if MI5 are infiltrating and controlling the SNP they aren’t doing a very good job, to paraphrase Gerry Adams on another organisation determined to break up the UK, ‘Scottish nationalism hasn’t gone away you know.’


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