Sunak needs to sack Braverman

Sunak needs to sack Braverman

The optics are horrible on this for Sunak and Braverman, their opponents are already making political capital of this about their being one rule for the Tories and everybody else. The Sunday Times report that

[A] senior Conservative MP with knowledge of the controversy said they believed Braverman’s actions breached the seven Nolan principles of public life, including the requirement to be accountable, open and honest.

They also suggested that, as the cabinet minister in charge of law enforcement, Braverman’s actions may also have implications under the ministerial code because it presented a clear conflict between her public duties and her private interests.

The code states that ministers “must ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between their public duties and their private interests, financial or otherwise”.

That is what I suspect that is what will doom Braverman. Sadly there are no betting markets on next out of the cabinet, as far as I can see. Coupled with the revelation a few weeks ago by Tory MP William Wragg that Braverman had asked if she could put speeding fines on parliamentary expenses this what makes it so toxic. Normally I would expect a Cambridge educated lawyer to have such awesome judgment when it comes to politics and ethics, but I think Braverman displays such arrogance which is what will be her downfall.

If and when Braverman quits it will put the focus on Sunak who shamelessly reappointed Braverman as Home Secretary days after Liz Truss sacked her will once face questions about his judgment as he appointed Zahawi, Raab, and Braverman when there were huge red flags about these people.

I said when Sunak appointed Braverman to the Home Office the only way he could have displayed worse judgment was to appoint Boris Johnson his ethics adviser.

Avoidable mistakes like this will cost the Tories.


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