What do we think of the Desantis WH2024 campaign slogan?

What do we think of the Desantis WH2024 campaign slogan?

The third favourite for the 2024 White House Race and the second favorite for the Republican nomination is the current controversial governor of Florida Ron Desantis. He’s been making the headlines right across the US over the past year or so with his aggressive anti-woke agenda which amongst other things seeks to interfere with the way various subjects are taught in educational institutions.

The essence of his message is a far-right cultural agenda that casts restrictions on abortion rights, and LGBTQ people 

He’s currently fighting a big battle with one of the state’s biggest employers and wealth generator, the Disney Corporation, which is refusing to go along with some of the restricted practices that Desantis would like to see

The above T-shirt is based on the slogan that the Santis is now fond of using and obviously, it owes its heritage to the Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” tagline,

He has yet to formally declare that he is running but there seems little doubt that he will be slugging it out with Trump to be the Republican party flag carrier once the primaries begin.

I don’t think much of “Make American Florida”.

Mike Smithson


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