Punters think Rishi is going to be disappointed

Punters think Rishi is going to be disappointed

The great challenge facing Sunak at the general election is that unlike Labour he’s needs to ensure that his party secures a clear majority to be certain of staying in the job.

At the moment it is very difficult seeing how Sunak can avoid the 47 seat losses that will put being in Downing Street for another term out reach. In many ways what happened last time was artificial because of the way that Jeremy Corbyn was seen by the electorate. The then LAB leader had terrible ratings as he went into polling day.

For quite some time now Starmer has been beating Sunak in the leader ratings and while he might not have the electoral magic of Tony Blair he does seem to be in the right job at the right time for someone with ambitions to become Prime Minister.

I am coming to a view that Sunak isn’t very good perhaps because he has only been an MP for a relatively short period.

He does have the backing of the Daily Express though not punters .

Mike Smithson

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