Did Rishi Sunak just save the Union?

Did Rishi Sunak just save the Union?

I thought it would be interesting to see what the independence polling shows on the day before Nicola Sturgeon’s successor is announced.

The Gender Recognition Reform Bill farrago but could have ended up giving Sturgeon a fishy legacy. Sunak’s intervention, which was dubbed by some an imperial veto, appears to have moved the voting intentions when it comes to Scottish independence in favour of the Union. The irony is that this could end up benefiting Sir Keir Starmer and Labour rather than Sunak.

But in recent years we’ve seen wild swings caused by events such as, inter alia, the pandemic, SCOTUK’s intervention on a second referendum, Scotland being dragged out of the EU against her will. Only a clueless wonder would confidently predict the outcome of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom. There could be some future events which could be favourable to Scottish independence.

Sturgeon’s successor has a lot of work to do if they want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom. Perhaps the favourite Humza Yousaf could surprise on the upside. The legacy on Scottish independence from Sturgeon isn’t caviar and champagne but more a four day old Happy Meal.


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