Can Sunak carry over his rating recovery into a new week?

Can Sunak carry over his rating recovery into a new week?

However you look at it Sunak has had a very good couple of weeks which includes of course getting his Northern Ireland deal through and agreed with all the parties in Dublin Belfast and of course Brussels.

In general, he is attracting more positive coverage in the media and a great deal of attention. He also has the very strong attribute of being nothing like Boris Johnson reinforced by the former prime minister’s sulk over the Northern Ireland vote last week

Before the weekend we started to see very good personal ratings for the prime minister as shown in the charts above. The big question remains as to whether these can be sustained.

There has been a little improvement in voting intention but I always regard that as a lagging indicator. In summary the Labour leader and his team are facing a very different political opponent than they have been and that will start to alter perceptions about the next general election.

In the betting a LAB majority is still rated as tighter than evens but that has eased.

Mike Smithson

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