I can’t even

I can’t even

There is a famous internet meme where the phrase ‘I can’t even’ means the person uttering the phrase is so shocked and speechless by an event or events they don’t know what to say. I’m experiencing that exact same sensation with the stories about about Nadhim Zahawi and Boris Johnson.

This is the sort of behaviours you’d expect to see in a banana republic, even Robert Mugabe would have blushed at the antics from this government.

For those of us who were Tories at the 1997 general election and later elections we remember how toxic sleaze was for the Tory party which is why we ended up with just over 160 MPs for two elections in a row.

If Rishi Sunak had a sense of integrity he’d fire Zahawi today but Sunak would rather be surrounded by the likes of Zahawi and Braverman, that tells you the type of person he is and why the Tories are on course to lose the next election. This sort of behaviour from the Tories could turn an honourable general election defeat into an extinction level event, with wider sleaze such as the PPE contracts these events cannot be dismissed as a rarity.

I suspect at PMQs Sir Keir Starmer KC will absolutely destroy Sunak over these revelations.

With the Boris Johnson revelations, will Tory MPs really be stupid enough to try and put Boris Johnson back into Number 10? If they try then they lack the intelligence and integrity that God gave pistachio nuts.


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