A Royal Rumble

A Royal Rumble

Ladbrokes have a market up on whether The Duke of Sussex will attend his father’s coronation. This market is a poor reflection on King Charles III that he has created such a hostile environment that his youngest son may not attend his coronation.

To fair and balanced observers like myself what really annoys me about this situation is the King’s hypocrisy. Back in the 1990s King Charles III did what The Duke of Sussex is accused of doing now. The then Prince of Wales collaborated with Jonathan Dimbleby with a book and television interview in which our current monarch aired his dirty laundry and admitted he had betrayed his family and slagged off his parents, something which myopic monarchists seem to forget.

I’d want more than 6/5 to back No and I can get better returns if I wanted to back Yes but PBers may view things differently, as I suspect The Duke of Sussex not attending would cause such reverberations that a solution will be found for the Duke and his loyal wife to attend.

Reports this morning in the Telegraph say multiculturalism, refugees, and the NHS will be at the heart of a diverse Coronation. It wouldn’t surprise me if the King also took the knee at the coronation as a sop to his estranged son and daughter-in-law.

If the King can have such a terrible relationship with his son, it bodes ill for the state of his relationship with the country after a few years of him being King.


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