Rishi/BoJo U-Turn on a windfall tax

Rishi/BoJo U-Turn on a windfall tax

Only days ago it was being described as “UnConservative”

With the price of energy soaring at an incredible rate the government have at last given into pressure and is introducing a windfall tax on the companies that are seeing their profits soar by the change.

The PM has been particularly stringent in his opposition to such a move describing it as UnConsrrvative up to only a few days ago.

Yet today, in the aftermath of the Gray “partygate” report we get an announcement from the Chancellor that such a tax is being introduced.

Could it be that they are just trying to change the subject? Surely not!

The problem with U-Turns is that it shows that government policy can be turned and that will encourage others on a future occasion on a different issue.

The LDs have been quick off the mark Tweeting their graphic.

Mike Smithson

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