Polls like this make a confidence vote more likely

Polls like this make a confidence vote more likely

The most dangerous period for Johnson was never going to be the publication of Sue Gray’s report but the polling reaction to it and this evening we have the first survey carried out fully since the document came out.

As will be recalled previous R&K poll carried out on Monday had the Tories 6% behind. Four days later the same pollster has the LAB lead at 9%. The big question is whether other pollsters who will be reporting in the next few days show a similar trend.

What is especially worrying for the Tory MPs whose main opponent is likely to be the LibDem is the 14% recorded by the firm for the LDs. This is the highest the pollster has recorded for Davey’s whose party did much better than expected in the May 5th locals.

For what matters most Tory MPs is whether they can expect to keep their seats at a general election and enough might consider that keeping the incumbent PM is just too risky.

Already tonight on social media a number of CON MPs have gone public about Johnson and no doubt they have sent letters in.

The rumblings will continue over the weekend.

Mike Smithson

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