Analysing the market on Biden serving a full term

Analysing the market on Biden serving a full term

In recent weeks Joe Biden’s struggles up the stairs of Air Force One attracted much comment from his opponents and critics. It is a bit of an awkward watch, for some reason it reminded me of Ed Miliband’s inability to eat a bacon sandwich.

But Biden’s critics seem to be pushing various memes about Biden being weak and physically unfit to be President, if you want to bet on Biden not lasting the full term Ladbrokes have a market up for this.

Personally I think there may be value elsewhere such as the Dem nominee or winning candidate in 2024. If I had to choose I’d take the 1/2 out of these two bets (but going for a 1/2 bet that will pay out in just under 44 months time really isn’t for me.)

On taste grounds I’d avoid the 13/8 because the only way I can see this happening is Biden health has a serious health condition or one of Trump’s supporters sees the January assault on the Capitol as dry run at assassinating Biden as Mike Pence nearly was. Biden, like Pence, is guarded by the Secret Service, and their recent record guarding their protectees is quite good after JFK.

As an aside I’m not sure it is a wise move by the supporters of the 45th President to start banging on about the age of Biden given their guy in 2025 will be same age as Biden is now if Trump runs again in 2024, especially in light of the issues Trump has with stairs and rails.


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