Some Brexit betting specials

Some Brexit betting specials

As we get closer to Brexit day Paddy Power have some Brexit specials up.

The ERG have repeatedly shown themselves to be as impotent as eunuchs, so for all the talk of ousting Mrs May they simply don’t have the numbers so I think out of those bets Mrs May still being PM on the 1st of April 2019 is the best one.

I wouldn’t want to touch the 11/5 on another EU referendum before the 1st of April with someone else’s barge poll. I just cannot see it happening, the logistics of it make it near impossible. I don’t think there’s a majority in the House of Commons for passing the legislation to enable such a referendum for starters.

As for the UK applying to rejoin the EU by 2027 I’m not really keen on typing up my money for nearly a decade and for just 2/1.

If you think we’re on course for a withdrawal agreement by the respective parties you’ll want to take the 8/13, I’m a bit more cautious. Whilst everyone is focussing on Ireland, not enough has been discussed about Gibraltar and Spain.

There’s the potential for a Spaniard to be thrown into the works, ‘because Spain’s relationship with Gibraltar is so politically sensitive, Brexit negotiation guidelines dictate that Spain has to sign off the UK’s proposals before the EU does.’


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