Who will be Time person of the year 2018?

Who will be Time person of the year 2018?

I’ve been looking at William Hill’s market on who will be the Time person of the year and my tip is out of that lot is Robert Mueller at 25/1.

With several convictions, guilty pleas, and assorted plea deals the so called witch hunt is rather effective and hunting down witches. All of this explains Trump’s recent behaviour where he has publicly criticised Jeff Sessions and privately been annoyed at FBI Director James Wray makes me think we’re headed for another Saturday Night Massacre.

If Trump ultimately fires Mueller it will become a cause célèbre which I think would see Mueller win this award. I expect Trump will reach a tipping point if the Democrats win the House comfortably and do better in the Senate than expected.

That guarantees impeachment hearings for Trump and his family. Those impeachment hearings are something Trump won’t react well to.

I have asked William Hill to add the Anonymous Op Ed author to this market, depending on the price and if any more articles are forthcoming they may well be worth backing with a lot of cash.

A note for punters, I’ve been betting on this market for years, I don’t think I’ve ever tipped a successful winner.


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