How Kim Jong-un makes Sir Michael Fallon Prime Minister

How Kim Jong-un makes Sir Michael Fallon Prime Minister

Because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing, we once again could see a new Prime Minister.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on affairs on the Korean peninsula, my knowledge is pretty much based on the excellent book by Sir Max Hastings on The Korean War and what I have learned from the media. But if matters do escalate for a full blown (nuclear) war there then we will be seeing a lot more of Sir Michael Fallon as he will try to reassure the country in his role as Defence Secretary.

I’ve always liked Sir Michael Fallon he’s usually a very strong campaigner, as in the video above he’s not afraid to attack his opponents, as evidenced by his deeply personal (and effective) attack on Ed Miliband. Whilst he might not have been as impressive during this year’s campaign, that can be explained down to the narcissistic campaign Mrs May ran, which saw cabinet ministers sidelined, and when they were given airtime left to defend badly thought out policies and attacks.

Right now it Mrs May is only Prime Minister because the party isn’t impressed by her potential successors, if he has a ‘good war’ he might be seen as the logical choice. After all during both world wars and in the run up to the war to liberate Kuwait, the Prime Minister of this country was replaced.

Often in Tory leadership contests the unexpected outsider wins the contest, the likes of Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron were 50/1 and more to be the next Tory leader only months before they became leader. Several bookmakers have Sir Michael at 50/1 to be next Tory leader, I’ve availed myself of such odds.


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