The next out of the cabinet betting

The next out of the cabinet betting

Earlier on this week The Times reported that

Sir Patrick McLoughlin, the party chairman, is understood to be keen to stand down after staying on to help to steady the ship after June’s disastrous election. He could be replaced by Boris Johnson, with senior sources suggesting that Mrs May’s patience with the foreign secretary is wearing thin.

If this story is true then you might be interested in taking the 10/1 on him being next out of  the cabinet, however I suspect if he goes Mrs May will conduct a wider reshuffle, so the dead heat rules apply and the 10/1 loses some of its lustre, as I can’t see Boris Johnson accepting the demotion to Party Chairman, he’d rather be a backbencher.

Others may disagree, but I think I’ll sit this market out for the time being as I think we might see a Brexit related resignation before then, the question is will it be from the ‘hard brexit’ wing or the ‘transitional arrangement’ wing.


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