Everybody salsa for a Labour King over the water

Everybody salsa for a Labour King over the water

Can Ed Balls use his appearance on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing to increase his chances of becoming the next Labour Leader?

No, this isn’t a shameless attempt to make John Rentoul’s QTWTAIN list, again, but I do think appearing on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing might help Ed Balls reputation and popularity with the public and introduce him to the wider public that don’t follow politics intimately.

At the end of June David Herdson wrote a persuasive piece why Ed Balls might be the answer to Labour’s woes. Labour doesn’t have that many politicians of Ed Balls talent, the party could do with him back in Parliament.

One of the advantages of Ed Balls losing his seat at the last general election might be that he doesn’t enrage the Corbynistas regularly in the way most of the current PLP have done so, which could impact in a future leadership contest, also losing his seat does allow him to appear on this year’s Strictly.

I cast my mind back to Boris Johnson’s appearances as first panellist, then presenter of Have I Got News For You which allowed him to enter the public consciousness in a way other politicians were unable to do so. Ed Balls could use Strictly to be a springboard for his career in the way Boris Johnson used Have I Got News For You for his career. As an aside, you could argue because of one man’s alleged use of cocaine and prostitutes helped contribute to The United Kingdom voting to Leave the European Union on June 23rd.

I’ve never rated David Miliband as highly as I have Ed Balls, David Miliband is 16/1 to be next Labour leader, whereas Ed Balls is 100/1. To my mind the odds should be the other way around. Several bookies are offering 100/1 on Ed Balls being the next Labour leader, it is worth a punt in my view.

The new season of Strictly Come Dancing begins on BBC1 tonight at 6.50pm, and Ed Balls is also 100/1 to win that, my money is on Louise Redknapp, whose best price is 13/2.



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