The next Shadow Chancellor betting

The next Shadow Chancellor betting

Sadiq Khan at 50/1 looks like decent insurance if he doesn’t get the London Mayoral nomination.

Ladbrokes have a market up on the next Shadow Chancellor. It is indicative of the anticipated Corbyn victory that John McDonnell is the current favourite. Meanwhile in the race to be Labour’s London Mayoral candidate Lady Jowell’s team think her name recognition and association with the 2012 London Olympics will see her win the race ahead of Sadiq Khan.

Khan was one of the MPs who nominated Corbyn and there are reports Corbyn is looking to reward those MPs. So if he doesn’t get the London Mayoral nomination he should be in line for a decent Shadow Cabinet job.

Though were Labour to elect Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson as leader and deputy respectively then to counter that Labour were the party of white males a female Shadow Chancellor might be an option given the high profile nature of the job. So a sentence I never thought I’d type, backing Diane Abbott as Shadow Chancellor at 33/1 seems prudent too especially in the light of the story last night that as many as eight of the current shadow cabinet are planning to refuse to serve in a Corbyn shadow cabinet.

You can access the Ladbrokes market by clicking here.


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