A second poll in a week has the Scots voting for Independence

A second poll in a week has the Scots voting for Independence

This will be great news for supporters of Scottish Nationalism, though on the Holyrood voting intention questions the SNP see their lead slip but they still retain formidable leads in both categories.

In a poll of 1023 adults over 16 in Scotland, 58% of those who expressed a preference would back the SNP in the constituency section of the vote for the May 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, down from 62% a month ago. Labour rose three percentage points to 23%, Conservative support stood at 12% (unchanged) with the Liberal Democrats on 5% (up 2 points). This represents a seven point cut in the SNP lead to a still formidable 35 points.

In the regional vote, 51% of those expressing an opinion supported the SNP (down 3 points) with 24% for Labour (+4), 11% for the Conservatives (-1), 6% for the Liberal Democrats (+2) and 6% for the Greens (-2).

So if the polling is correct, in the next fourteen months or so we could see Labour electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Donald Trump becoming President of the United States of America, the UK voting to leave the European Union and Scotland voting to leave the United Kingdom, what interesting times.

The full data tables are available here.


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