Betting on the date of the EU referendum

Betting on the date of the EU referendum

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Over the weekend, stories emerged, which were downplayed by Number 10, that the EU referendum  was set for October 2016.  Then the Telegraph’s Chief Political Correspondent tweeted this afternoon.

It looks like July to October 2016 would be the optimal time to hold the referendum from Cameron’s point of view and William Hill’s 3/1 looks tempting. It won’t clash with the Welsh and Scottish devolved elections, but crucially for Cameron’s renegotiations strategy, are concluded long before elections in France and Germany in 2017 where in the run up to those election the French & Germans might not be so amenable to Cameron’s demands as they might this year.

You can access the William Hill market here (they as far as I can see the only bookie offering more than just a specific year option)

Meanwhile in the Labour leadership race, William Hill, like Betfair, might also soon see crossover between Burnham & Cooper


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