Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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If you’re a lurker, from London to Bombay, Stop lurking, it’s posting time. If you’re thinking You Can’t touch this site with your contributions, you’re wrong. Hopefully in the morning, I’ll be saying Oh, My Lord, look at the number of delurkers.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. HS2 report overstated benefits by six to eight times, experts say. Procedure to produce figures for economic impacts contained in KPMG report was ‘essentially made up’, MPs told
  2. Rail privatisation: legalised larceny. Train operators invest little cash but take massive profits. This wasn’t what the Tories promised
  3. Sorry, Ed. But it looks like Britain is now booming
  4. Don’t be fooled by the economic recovery, the odds are still against a Tory win in 2015. The challenges facing the Conservatives are mostly structural and may be impossible to overcome.
  5. Labour’s Living Wage really means the State taxes the poor more
  6. Today Ed Miliband will show how far he’s come – and how far he still has to go
  7. The Grangemouth scandal shows it’s time to keep an eye on the Reds. Again
  8. The real reason Labour is petrified of re-opening the Falkirk inquiry
  9. New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s success should give hope to Miliband. The triumph of the radical Democrat proves that you can run from the left and win.
  10. Why the Lib Dems need to start drawing red lines now. To win back trust, Clegg needs to spend the next 548 days telling voters about his policy guarantees.
  11. Germany calls in UK ambassador over spy claims
  12. John Major: Conservatives would be better off without Scotland
  13. John Swinney has provoked anger in Westminster after the Scottish finance secretary turned down a request from MPs to appear in the UK parliament to answer questions on the implications of Scottish independence on business.
  14. Where’s the outrage about the monarchy’s extravagant expenses?
  15. Single mothers lose benefits cap legal battle. Judges reject challenge brought by three mothers that policy introduced by Iain Duncan Smith is ‘cruel and arbitrary’
  16. Plebgate Officer Referred To Police Watchdog
  17. British taxpayers are liable for over £800 million of misspent EU funds as Brussels error rate increases by 23 per cent
  18. Another video has emerged of Sen. Ted Cruz‘s father Rafael making incendiary remarks about politically sensitive topics. Last week it was the suggestion that Obama should “go back to Kenya“; this week it’s that homosexuality and evolutionary biology are Marxist tools to undermine the traditional family and “destroy” God.
  19. UK invests £20m in Tanzania amid push to replace aid with trade
  20. Dutch foreign minister offers asylum to Russians discriminated against under anti-gay law
  21. Sack women if they’re too sexy, agrees US court
  22. A judge has said he is powerless to help a 14-year-old Muslim girl who says she was taken to Pakistan by her father and forced to marry a man at gunpoint.
  23. Immigrants ‘Contribute £25bn Tax Boost To UK’ - Immigrants pay more in tax and claim fewer benefits than Britons, says a report which rubbishes “benefit tourism” claims.
  24. Nigel Farage: Immigration ‘a class issue’
  25. Toronto mayor Rob Ford admits using crack cocaine in a ‘drunken stupor’ – Toronto mayor Rob Ford admits using crack cocaine in a ‘drunken stupor’
  26. After Shane Warne confirms that Yorkshiremen are either Gods or Prophets, Joe Root discusses his impending crucifixion.
  27. In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking
  28. Drunken French teenagers abduct a circus llama and take him on a tram ride
  29. It is Hammer Time with Thor of Marvel and Avengers fame, no really it is.
  30. Why are today’s columnists and photographers so posh?
  31. Lobbying bill paused for six weeks to allow government rethink



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