Nighthawks is now open and with a new Marf cartoon

Nighthawks is now open and with a new Marf cartoon

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Marf’s cartoon deals with two of the major stories of the day, the fall out from Plebgate, and PMQs which was dominated with energy prices. Who would have thought when Andrew Mitchell resigned, there would be such a Sting, in the tail from the Fall Out, of his resignation.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)


  1. It’s not all immigrants who the Tories fear. It’s the mobile poor. The real aim of recent policies is to segregate belonging according to income. The more you earn, the more rights you have
  2. John Bercow rebukes Cameron for calling Miliband a conman
  3. PMQs sketch: Cameron is a buffoon who might as well eat his own manifesto
  4. PMQs in an alternate universe
  5. David Cameron pledges to cut green taxes next year despite Lib Dem objections
  6. Why a bonfire of the green taxes won’t save the Tories. Polling shows that 75% of the public don’t believe that green taxes are to blame for the surge in bills, and they’re right.
  7. Plebgate: A Twitter mugging for the Cops at the centre of the scandal
  8. I know just the man to put the police’s house in order: Andrew Mitchell
  9. Why are former Conservative prime ministers so reluctant to keep quiet?
  10. Whose fault is the Grangemouth closure?
  11. He was born in New York, so that makes him an Englishman in New York, Boris should stand for the Commons in 2015
  12. History shows why the Tories should be wary of branding Labour as ‘socialist’. The party abandoned the practice in 1959 when some voters believed ‘Labour’ and ‘Socialist’ were different parties.
  13. Why the falling deficit could be good news for Labouru
  14. The disastrous Green administration in Brighton is a cautionary tale – for voters, and for UKIP
  15. Brighton has lost patience with the chaotic Greens. What worked in free-thinking opposition soon became unmanageable in government. Voters are looking to Labour for solutions.
  16. How some of Cameron’s MEPs voted with the BNP and against women’s right
  17. US may have monitored Merkel’s phone, says German government
  18. What Superman 3 teaches us about computer programming
  19. If you’re British, Australian, New Zealander, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or South African descent/heritage, feel proud, today is the 71st anniversary of the beginning one the most pivotal and decisive battles of World War II



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