Reshuffle talk

Reshuffle talk

In the past day there’s been a few stories about some upcoming reshuffles.

In the Evening Standard it says

David Cameron will carry out a ministerial reshuffle within weeks — with a second, more sweeping reshaping of his government towards the end of the year, the Standard has been told.

The Prime Minister’s double shuffle will start in July, with changes in the Tory whips’ office and possibly minor changes to the junior ranks of other departments. The later reshuffle may see the departure of some big names as the PM puts together his team to fight the 2015 general election.

The story goes on to say there are potential returns for Andrew Mitchell and Liam Fox. For Andrew Mitchell I can see a return, thanks to Michael Crick’s excellent work on plebgate.

For Fox, given the circumstances behind his resignation, I think it could be difficult for him to return but as we saw with Peter Mandelson, it is possible for an ex-cabinet minister to return to the cabinet, after resigning in disgrace, twice. Fox’s appointment could allow Cameron to build bridges with the Tory right, following the travails over gay marriage.

The Sun also have a reshuffle story.

The Times (£) are tipping Eric Pickles as the new Chief Whip.  The reason for picking Eric Pickles is that “He knows the 2010 intake well, who have been the most problematical. He knows them from his time as Tory chairman.”

With any additions to the cabinet, there must be some departures, and the top of the list appears to the Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, who has been the focus of a lot of criticism, from the Daily Telegraph in particular, see this Guardian report for a wider context of her problems.

Whilst the Sun says Northern Ireland Secretary, Theresa Villiers is also at risk, and The Times says Justine Greening is also at risk, mostly to do with the last time she was reshuffled. Philip Hammond is also reported at risk, because “he has angered No10 by speaking out against cuts”

At the time of writing, (5.30am)  Maria Miller and Justine Greening are both 12/1 as next out of the cabinet with Ladbrokes, whilst Theresa Villiers is 16/1,and Philip Hammond is 25/1 (he was 33/1 last week), if they do go as part of a wider reshuffle, the dead heat rules apply.



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