Betting on what happens in 2013 with Ladbrokes

Betting on what happens in 2013 with Ladbrokes


Ladbrokes have some markets on some events that may occur in 2013.

I’m quite intrigued by the YouGov one, in 2012, they produced nearly 250 VI polls, I’d expect a similar number in 2013, we could always have a rogue poll, the last Tory lead with YouGov was the 2nd of March 2012.

The Boris Johnson one also looks interesting, as he as a history of such situations, as does the reality tv one, but the wording of it seems a bit ambiguous at best.

The full betting opportunities.

  • Conservatives to be ahead in any YouGov Westminster voting intention poll in 2013 2/1
  • Any Tory MP to defect to UKIP 3/1
  • Any MP arrested 1/2
  • Gay marriage legalised evens
  • UK Euro referendum held 10/1
  • UK to leave EU 33/1
  • Any MP to abscond from duty to do reality tv 20/1
  • An extra bank holiday to be granted in the UK 10/1
  • Any MP to have a top 10 single 20/1
  • Boris Johnson to get trapped anywhere/caught in anything on camera 3/1



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