Betting On What May Happen In Politics In 2013

Betting On What May Happen In Politics In 2013

William Hill have some markets on some events that may occur in 2013.

Being an economic optimist, I’ve backed the UK to lose its AAA credit rating and interest rates to go up (based largely on this article)

I’m also backing Andrew Mitchell and Chris Huhne to be back in cabinet and Silvio Berlusconi to be Italian PM.

Which ones will you be backing?

  • 4/7         UK To Lose Triple-A Credit Rating (5/4 Not To)
  • 1/1         3p Increase In Fuel Duty In September To Be Implemented
  • 5/4         Andrew Mitchell In Cabinet By End Of Year
  • 9/4         Greece To Leave The Eurozone
  • 3/1         Nadine Dorries To Join UKIP
  • 3/1         Bank Of England To Increase Interest Rate
  • 4/1         A UK General Election To Take Place
  • 5/1         Nick Clegg To Be Replaced As The Leader Of Liberal Democrats
  • 5/1         Vince Cable To Be The Next Minister To Leave The Cabinet
  • 6/1         Chris Huhne To Be In Cabinet By End Of Year
  • 7/1         Ed Miliband To Become Prime Minister
  • 7/1         Hillary Clinton To Announce Her Candidature For The 2016 Presidential Elections
  • 8/1         Silvio Berlusconi To Become Italian Prime Minister
  • 8/1         Italy To Leave The Euro
  • 10/1       UK To Announce An In/Out Referendum On The EU To Take Place Before Next Election
  • 12/1       Ed Miliband To Be Replaced As Leader Of Labour
  • 14/1       Euro Cease To Exist As A Currency
  • 25/1       Boris Johnson To Be Elected An MP
  • 25/1       UKIP To Win A By-Election
  • 50/1       Church Of England To Introduce Women Bishops

Note, these bets are on a variety of pages of the Hills website, some of which are linked above and some can can be found here



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