Is one Ed better than two?

Is one Ed better than two?

Over the last few days, several newspapers have had articles mentioning disharmony between Eds Miliband and Balls.

The Guardian observed 

the Labour leader, who promoted Balls to the post of shadow chancellor against his better instincts after the surprise resignation of Alan Johnson, is finding him hard work and secretive.

The Times noted that Ed Miliband saw at first hand the worst of the disputes between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and is unlikely to make the mistake of  Tony Blair, who repeatedly indulged Gordon Brown and left him in situ despite intense provocations, he will also remember that Ed Balls was Gordon Brown’s consigliere in these disputes.

As has been noted on here earlier on this year by Mike Smithson that recently, Ed Miliband’s operating with a confidence that is in stark contrast to his performances in the first eighteen months of his leadership. This has also been shown in the movement in the leadership ratings since the start of the year between David Cameron and Ed Miliband, and Ed Milibandhas opened a comfortable lead with Ipsos-Mori.

If Ed Balls does indeed become (even more) troublesome for Ed Miliband, then Ed Miliband’s growing confidence  he will have the assurance to deal with him, as Ed Balls wasn’t Ed Miliband’s first choice to be Shadow Chancellor.

I’ve been unable to find any markets on the next Shadow Chancellor, however I’ve had a couple of small bets on the next Chancellor market, and backed Chuka Umuna and Rachel Reeves at Ladbrokes



Mike Smithson is currently on holiday.

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