YouGov Scotland poll

YouGov Scotland poll

There’s a new YouGov poll out on Scottish matters.

On the independence front,

30% are in favour on independence. This represents a decline of 1% since March and a decline of 3% since January.

54% are opposed to independence. This represents no change since March and an increase of 1% since January.

However it is over two years until the actual referendum, there is a lot of time for the polling to move.

Both sides should remember that a year before the AV referendum, an ICM poll had 56% voting for AV and 35% for FPTP.

There was also some Holyrood/Westminster VI polling

The poll also reinforces the gap in voting intention between Westminster and Holyrood, with Labour now ahead of the SNP on Westminster voting intentions to 14 points, up from just five points compared to a YouGov poll in May.

Labour is on 43 per cent, up three from May. The SNP is now on 29 per cent, down six. The Tories are up one point to 15 per cent, while the Lib Dems are up two points to 7 per cent.

The SNP and Labour’s roles are reversed for voting at Holyrood, where the latest polls show the SNP is now some 15 points ahead of Labour, and has easily held the gains it won at last year’s Holyrood election.


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