Is Boris on manoeuvres?

Is Boris on manoeuvres?

Benedict Brogan has an article in today’s Telegraph headlined

Boris is unstoppable, and now Murdoch wants him to lead the Tory party

For me, there were two bits that stood out.

The outbreak of speculation about his chances, or even his suitability, should worry Mr Cameron less than the reason for the sudden outbreak of Boris-mania: Conservative donors have had enough, and are lining up behind the London Mayor. In City terms, the money men are shorting the Tory leadership. This has happened before; it’s what helped finish Iain Duncan Smith.

Then there was this

David Cameron is on course to lose the next election, and his leadership, and he knows it.

He has admitted as much to friends,

So whilst it might not be feasible for Boris to replace Cameron, as he is still isn’t an MP, there are other contenders, were Cameron step down before the next election, for someone else, especially if his MPs come to the same conclusion as Cameron regarding the outcome of the next election, the Tory party in the past, has been at times, quite ruthless, even ditching a three time election winning Leader, so Cameron may not even get that option to stand down at a time of his choosing.

There are several markets on next Tory Leader/PM, whilst Ladbrokes have a market up on whether Cameron will or will not be leader at the next General Election.


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