NightHawks, where PB never sleeps….

NightHawks, where PB never sleeps….

As you’ll have seen, Sarah Palin has finally confirmed that she won’t be running, and that must mean that the field is finally set (surely no entry from Rudy?!). There will be a PB poll tomorrow afternoon on the 2012 White House race.

With Nevada holding its caucus on 14th January, New Hampshire (by state law a week before any “similar election”) looks set for 3rd January if it sticks to the traditional Tuesday – and that would mean the Iowa caucuses on maybe the 27th December.

Far from trying to have an orderly start in February, the GOP primary calendar has developed into an undignified “arms race”, so we could be seeing the opening contest in December, for the first time ever.

And, as trailered in Henry’s article this morning, John Healey has quit his health post in the Shadow Cabinet, as has John Denham.

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