Does Mandy have any influence with Labour voters?

Does Mandy have any influence with Labour voters?


Can he make the election about “damaging Dave”?

Above is the front page of tomorrow’s Indy with Peter Mandelson now adding his weight to the YES campaign.

But does the “Dark Lord” have any influence any more? It’s hard to say – but Mandy always seems to make news and this, no doubt, will get lots of coverage in the morning.

Mandy said: Labour supporters need to use their noddle and ask themselves why Cameron is fighting so hard for a No vote. He’s fighting for his party’s interests but also to protect his own leadership. Labour has a chance to inflict damage on both.

My understanding is that later today LABOUR YES will be launching a new series of ads in a move that seems as though its coordinated with Mandy’s comments. The focus is all on urging party members to vote in a way that damages Cameron.

It’s hard to judge how effective this will be and whether, indeed, it has come to late.

Meanwhile the US online pollster, Harris, has a survey out in the Metro showing YES only one point behind. The survey is quite old – fieldwork finished on April 11th.

Mike Smithson

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