YouGov blows for the LDs on AV and Labour on the cuts

YouGov blows for the LDs on AV and Labour on the cuts

“Stick with first past the post or stick with AV?” (YouGov) All voters CON% LAB % LD%
Switch to AV 32 24 32 70
Stick with first past the post 43 62 49 14
Wouldn’t vote/don’t know 25 14 19 16
“Blame for the spending cuts?” (YouGov) All voters CON% LAB % LD%
CON-LD coalition 20 1 52 5
Last Labour government 46 91 7 69
Both 22 5 25 15
Neither 7 2 13 6

Lots of polling has come out this afternoon from YouGov on key issues and I’ve highlighted to two areas I think are the most important above.

The AV referendum finding is the first time that the anti-AV lead has been 10% and that will worry those campaigning for change. The breakdown by party split is as expected.

Those pushing for change might take consolation from the fact that the survey was carried out at the same time as last night’s daily poll which had totals for the Lib Dems which were way out of alignment with all the other pollsters.

YouGov had 11% while all the other recent polls had them at 15 – 16%. We really need to see new data from one of the phone pollsters.

The other finding is our regular from YouGov on who is to blame for the buts. Again this is not good for the Labour though the numbers are not quite as bleak for the party as they were.

There’s also a new YouGov poll of Welsh voters which has with changes on the general election CON 29%(+3): LAB 46%(+10): LD 8%(-12), PC 11%(nc).

Mike Smithson

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