What does Hillary need to do tonight?

What does Hillary need to do tonight?


    Will she win by a big enough margin in Pennsylvania to stay in the race?

It’s another US primary night on PB and I hope you’ll stay with us to share your news and insights. The voting will close at 1am UK time when we should iget news of the first exit polls.

The critical thing tonight will be how both camps spin it. What percentages will define success or failure? A consensus seems to be emerging that if Obama can keep Hillary’s lead down to 5% or less then it will a great result for him. At the other end a good result for Hillary will be a double digit lead on votes.

My guess is that it will be somewhere in between – and then the spinning will begin.

One indicator is that Obama will be spending the evening at a rally in Indiana – Hillary is staying within Pennsylvania. We shall see.

The final polls (courtesy of PoliticaInsider) were:-
# Zogby: Clinton +10
# SurveyUSA: Clinton +6
# Suffolk: Clinton +10
# Quinnipiac: Clinton +7
# Strategic Vision: Clinton +7
# American Research Group: Clinton +13
# Mason-Dixon: Clinton +5
# Public Policy Polling: Obama +3

Latest nomination betting is here.

Mike Smithson

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