Could Raith Rovers upset the Brown by election bet?

Could Raith Rovers upset the Brown by election bet?


    How winning promotion would cost me £1000

Until last week I have to admit that I have never followed the fortunes of teams in the Scottish second division too closely – if at all. But since the Crewe & Nantwich by election came into the frame all has changed – for if the Fife team manages to secure promotion then I might be down £1000.

For last June in what now seems to be an earlier political era, one of the big bets put out by William Hill was what would happen first from a list of things during Gordon Brown’s premiership. The options included a general election, “A full UK withdrawal from Iraq”, “Gordon and Sarah having another child”, “Labour losing a by election” and Gordon’s local club, “Raith Rovers winning promotion”.

Immediately the market came out the 10/1 against Labour losing a by election was spotted by an eagle-eyed PBer who announced it on the thread. Those who acted quickly got the 10/1 and within hours the price tightened to 5/1 and then to 3/1. At the time, of course, there were the upcoming Sedgefield and Ealing Southall by elections.

What made the bet so attractive was that even, as it did, Labour hold on to the two seats it was defending on July 19th 2007 the bet was still valid until one of the listed options comes about.

Well there’s been no general election, Gordon and Sarah have not had another child, British troops are still in Iraq but now we have a by election in the offing. As far as I can see the only problem could be Raith Rovers. They are now third in the league and competing strongly for a place in the play-offs that could see them moving up a division. Everything will be resolved on May 10th so it’s not possible for a by election to take place before that.

So I am sorry Raith Rovers fans. I’ll be hoping that one of the other teams makes it.

Mike Smithson

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