FT poll: Britons would “vote” Hillary if they could

FT poll: Britons would “vote” Hillary if they could

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One “poll” that we haven’t yet covered was one by Harris in the Financial Times yesterday where interviewees in several European countries were asked about who they would “vote” for in the Democratic race if they had a chance – Hillary or Obama.

A total of 5,000 people were asked across five countries with Obama coming out the decisive winner in four of them. The French, Italians, Spanish and Germans all gave it to the black Senator by quite big margins.

But the British respondents were the odd ones out. They split for Hillary by 28% to 23%. The fieldwork took place in the week ending February 8 so only just caught “Super Tuesday”. My guess is that you would get different results today.

I think the reason why the UK should be different in outlook from the other main European countries is that we probably “know” the Clintons better. Bill spent three years as a Rhodes scholar in Oxford and Chelsea did postgraduate work at the same university. Bill has been to the Labour conference and they probably have a higher profile.

The “novelty” of having a black candidate is being given a lot of prominence in the European media thus boosting awareness of Obama.

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Mike Smithson

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